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Best food for my golden retriever?

I feed my dog (and have been feeding him this since he was 2 months old. He's 1 now) anyway, I feel him Blue Buffalo. However, I have seen other Golden Retrievers like min (white ones) that have soft silky fur. My dog's hair is thick and not soft and silky at all. I thought Blue Buffalo was one of the best! Is there a better food for golden retrievers? Should I add supplements to the food? Someone mentioned raw eggs or cod liver oil. What? LoL


It's a dog

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    Raw feeding is the best option, regardless of breed. It is the most natural diet for them. My aunt had St.Bernards that lived to 16 on a raw diet, so that should tell you just how good raw diets are for them! Especially when you consider that average live expectancy is 8 years old, max 10.

    You did ask this in the Cats section, so you may want to repost it in the Dog section for more answers.

    Eggs and cod liver oil were mentioned because of their high fat content, which helps make a coat nice.

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    I could prevent the prime protein meals.. They are an excessive amount of for a puppy to adequately use. They'll pop out as sizzling spots in a breed just like the Golden. The prime protein meals are for puppies which might be honestly running.. Not a puppy that's doing obedience or a loved ones puppy, however a puppy that's out within the iciness bloodless pulling a sled... A average puppy does now not and can not use the protein furnished in those new prime protein meals.. It's a advertising and marketing gimmick on account that folks felt they wanted it, puppy meals organizations furnished it. The prime protein meals will reason a puppy of any measurement to develop too speedily. It's specifically difficult on a higher puppy on account that you come to be with an grownup frame on bones and joints that grew too quick, and are supposed to bring a dog.. I can not propose a meals for you, as I am disenchanted within the meals available in the market.. Either with the components they use.. or the truth that they're all going to a lot smaller luggage, with a far greater cost tag. Dog meals organizations are taking abilities of folks's challenge over the up to date remembers and are ripping folks off...

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    Since this question is listed under "Cats," I'm going to go with Siamese. They're a bit stringy, but rich in protein.

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