How to simplify this expression algebra?



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  • 9 years ago
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    If you are multiply two polynomials together, think of the FOIL technique from binomial multiplication.

    Firsts - Outers - Inners - Lasts.

    Basically, each term of the first binomial is multiplied by every term of the second.

    When dealing with polynomials, nothing has changed.

    Each term of the first trinomial is multiplied by every term of the second.

    So we have:

    (6x² + 6x - 2)(6x² - 4x + 18)

    First, the 6x² is multiplied by the 2nd trinomial:

    36x^4 - 24x³ + 108x²

    Then the 6x is multiplied:

    36x³ - 24x² + 108x

    Then the -2:

    -12x² + 8x - 36

    Now, add them all together, and combine like terms to simplify:

    (36x^4 - 24x³ + 108x²) + (36x³ - 24x² + 108x) + (-12x² + 8x - 36)

    36x^4 + 12x³ + 72x² + 116x - 36

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