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Porn ads keep popping up PLEASE help! 10 points!?

Okay so two days ago I was on and someone redirected me to a porn site. I was unaware of what it was so I clicked on it. I X'd out as soon as I realized what it was. The next day (yesterday) I went on tumblr and a porn ad popped up from,, and '' I quickly x's out, ran CCleaner, did a quick and full scan on Avast, and ran Malwarebytes. I put all of the viruses in quarantine from Malwarebytes and didn't get any viruses from Avast. I then went back on the same tumblr and it popped up again (this is happening on BOTH computers...I think the porn ads went through our network.) I went to the right side of the porn ad and it said it was from Adchoices or something like that. I searched it and it said it was from Yahoo and they use it from past sites I've been on to try to get your interests. I clicked opt out and I clicked opt out on AdBright which was also working to bring me the porn ads. It still showed up so I went to Avast on both computers and blocked the sites. That worked but it's still worrying me. It's really weird. How can I get rid of these porn ads for real? I'm afraid my parents are going to find out and accuse me of purposely looking up porn even though I would never do that.

(I tried Malwarebytes, Avast, blocking cookies, opting out of the ad websites, ran CCleaner, etc. already.) The ad only pops up when I go to a certain tumblr account..but I'm afraid it'll start happening everywhere. I don't want to download or install anymore things to the computers because my parents are going to ask me what it's doing on the computer. My mom needs this computer for bills and such. :/ I am using Google Chrome. I went on Internet Explorer to see if the ads would pop up on that too and it did.

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    Messing with browser settings isn't going to help. The computer has a Trojan that's going to keep recreating the problem. Download Microsoft Security Essentials, get rid of Avast and Malwarebytes and run a full scan.

    I wouldn't e-mail Dan if I were you. Anybody who thinks the modem has something to do with porn ads probably needs help to turn on the computer.

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    there is a reset button on your modem (a box with a few cables plugged into) and if you press the button it will reset your network but might not fix your problem. if your problem continues call your internet provider. please tell me if you fix it and how. My e-mail address is for more info email me.

    good luck

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