One Piece Vs Naruto I wanna debate people!?

One piece vs Naruto... OP FTW I mean come on, have you seen the new stuff they been pulling out for the new season!? I mean in like the last 5 chapters he has like defeated a 5,000 man army in a single haki blast and almost destroyed a ship the size of island. Could Naruto have done that? I agree he has also powered up a lot by conquering the tails, but I have to say there are barely any battles where he is actually fighting for himself and not leeching off power from the nine tails. I want your opinion and give us some good reasons to.

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    It was 50,000 people in a haki blast, 5,000 is about the # of people he beat at Enis Lobby.

    Lets say that Naruto could survive the king's haki and would not pass out. Luffy is a really fighter and can take a hit and being crushed and exploded. Naruto couldn't he doesn't have that kind of physical stamina. Naruto survives by not being hit and that is why the shadow clones have stayed such an important part of his fighting tech. Luffy would just do a haki gatling gun, kill all the clones, ect and that would be the end of the fight. Luffy may not be smart, or good at anything really but he is a genous at fighting. I can't wait for Luffy vs. Akainu. XD

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    One Piece Vs Naruto

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    Naruto- The story follows up nicely, Sasuke being a growingly evil, antagonist while introducing many other antagonists. This foreshadows Sasuke becoming the ultimate evil and would be good for a last challenge for the end of the series. Also it paces nicely and is bringing more twists like how Madara with the mask is not really him, and the characters are becomimg stronger and more mature over time. The war continues and more plot twists reveal unique abilities and old alike as the Dead World Ressurection jutsu brings old enemies back and allies. All which goes on during a war that could decide the fate of Konoha and the ninja world. The greatly planned out story keeps bringing out more action as Naruto continues to making his dreams come true.

    One Piece- The story is amazing. Luffy gets seperated from crew in a battle where they don't stand a chance and finds a legendary island. Then he goes through a war and plot twists where his brother dies. Then after two years him and crew come back 3x as strong to defeat all enemies they were useless against before and continue the adventure. Then old characters come back to play as they head for more fishman adventure on Fishman island. They have more battles with fishmen and flashbacks show the emotion behind the events which are all thrown away in another plot twist, because the antagonist doesn't care about his past troubles he just wants to destroy humans, which makes him really evil and creates for another great antagonist. Then deadly information is exposed and another antagonist is to come as the fast pace of One Piece makes the adventure awesome.

    Though, with both of these said, Id have to say, One Piece definitely is better in my opinion, because of the adventure and how it never drags on with one thing and always gets straight to the point. Also because of the awesome fighting scenes and the humor and characters, the overall mood of the series is uplifting and adventurous which can only be compared to Dragonball.

    Source(s): I've READ till the latest chapters of both series and since its the manga NO CRAPPY FILLERS!!! So nothings based on that.
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    The story line is still intriguing and keeps me enticed and wrapped around it. The story is still continued so they haven't had so many arcs that the whole story is running dry and just creating more episodes even though it should be over. The only real issue I have with Naruto is its filler episodes, but some are good. It's just when you have 20 episodes of fillers in a row, it kind of gets old. I really like the Naruto series. Sasuke is kind of annoying, though because he halted all Naruto's aspirations to become Hokage and he's blinded by unnecessary revenge.

    One Piece

    The story is really interesting, even after all these episodes. You see the characters get stronger and face problems which you get wrapped up in. It's funny, but has serious moments too, and the fights are awesome. When I first heard of One Piece, I thought it'd be weird because of the rubber man, but it was pulled off really well. The story with pirates and devil fruits etc are really good, and the characters are developed too. The fillers don't really bother me in this show, because they relate to the plot too, and they're usually interesting and there aren't too many in a row.

    I like both of them a lot and they are pretty much on par. But right now at this second One Piece is better in my opinion. This may change, but still . . .

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    I watch both heavily and I have to agree One Piece is better, Oh yeah it was 50,000 with one burst of Haki.

    In Naruto they rarely have battles were they fight 1 on 1 even with his new found powers, I still don't get why it took Naruto, Bee, and Itachi to overcome Nagato? aren't each of them just as power as Nagato. Plus the setting is better for One Piece, they explore more. I just love how Luffy had to break into a creature infested prison to get his brother out and everytime he advanced to another level it gets more & more difficult and weird.

    One Piece is more realistic, Luffy actually had to lose some battles to realize how far he is from his goal as Pirate King. Naruto wins damnnear every fight and already just as power as the Kages which is his goal, to be a Kage. Keep in mind Luffy is like 20 years old and probably still not strong enough to fight an Admiral compared to Naruto in his teen years already strong enough to compete with the Kages.

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    I personally prefer One Piece, but I still like Naruto, but as with most people, I find the 4Kids dub of One Piece to be inferior to the Japanese one.

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    it was 50,000 fishman pirates just by staring at them, luffy defeated them, so yeah we can clearly see who wins if they fight.

    honestly i like naruto too, but overall one piece has a better story and if they fight naruto vs one piece, ill go with one piece.

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