Do you think he will ask me out soon officially? We made out...?

Soo this guy and I have been really good friends and I've like him for a few months. We talk all the time at school and he texts me almost everyday. We've hung out a few times outside of school and he hugs me a lot.. These long hugs in which he sways back and forth and he sometimes puts his arm around my waist. Our friends always give us a hard time and ask us of we are dating yet. Soo yesterday we were hanging out at school (no one was there cuz we are on Xmas break). We walked around the xc trail and he kept asking me to do these dance moves so I did one and he gave me a huge hug for like a minute straight. He always tells me my hugs make his day. I told him I wouldn't do the other dance move just to mess with him and he kept asking me. We sat down on some bleachers and he pulled me close next to him with his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. He put his hands under my shirt and rubbed my back and then I turned my head and we kissed for a good long while haha. Then he said "and even after that, you won't dance for me?" he held my hand a lot and we walked with his arm around my waist. We walked to these woods haha and he hugged me really tight and picked me up and held me in his arms and we kissed some more. Then I sat in his lap and he just held me for a few minutes. He said "what do you think about us?" so I told him to answer first and he said "I really like you a lot!" and I told him I liked him a lot too!!! For the next hour or so we just walked around and talked and hugged a ton haha. Do you think he'll ask me out like officially?? Hes the sweetest guy ever and we tell each other everything. We know each other soo well. He wants to hang out again this week. What do you think?!? Advice?!)

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  • Babey
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    9 years ago
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    Ask him.."do you see us ever going out?" and see what he says..or get a friend to ask.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Am I the only one who got a *****?

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