Connecting my laptop to tv help?

Can i use my hdmi cable to connect my laptop to my hd tv so i can use my tv as the monitor for the laptop. eg, i want a laptop that can play blu ray movies but i want to be able to watch it on my hd tv because it has a bigger screen, is this possible? Also can i also the tv to watch things like sopcast player so i can watch live sports on my tv streamed from my laptop ??

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    9 years ago
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    Yes you can. If both your tv and laptop have HDMI output slots then just plug your laptop into the TV with an HDMI cable, go to the HDMI Source on your TV and there you go. You can use your laptop in the usual way on your huge tv.

    To answer your second question, you can watch anything you can normally access on your laptop as obviously the TV is now just a big screen for your laptop.

    HDMI also supports audio so you can play movies from your laptop in full surround sound through your TV If you have it!

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    9 years ago

    Yes it is possible and used widely. Check for your laptop to have a graphics card that support hdmi. Your tv will act as a screen to the laptop.

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    4 years ago

    It relies upon on the inputs accessible on your television. Many televisions have VGA or DVI-D inputs. also, many more recent pcs have HDMI outputs. i'd evaluate your computing device's outputs along with your television's inputs and word if an effortless cable will do the trick. in case you've already performed this with out luck, you may verify on line, as many adapters are cheap and accessible. One party can be a VGA to composite video (RGB) adapter. pcs oftentimes have a VGA out (usual show screen cable) and maximum televisions have a composite video enter. you would then also likely choose a a million/8 plug to RCA audio adapter for the sound. sturdy luck.

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    yes, all you have to do is connect it to the tv (there should be a place on the back of the tv) and play it normally from your laptop.

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    The laptop has to support HDMI output.

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