What is the meaning behind Jupiter Tree by Sheryl Karas?

It's a German Foldlore and it's suppost to have a meaning behind it and i just don't grasp the meaning. Please help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If the book is about German folklore, I guess the title will be Juniper Tree.

    Those trees are growing in the heath, on dry and poor sandy soil, where other trees can hardly exist. They grow very slowly and don't get very high. Their wood is hard and has a nice smell. Their needles are very pointed, it's no fun to touch them. But their blue berries have a strong, nice flavor and get used as a spice for cooking and for making schnapps. They should never miss in the famous sauerkraut.

    Juniper trees might be the most persistent trees growing in Germany. No summer heat waves, drought, wind storms or harsh winter frost can really harm them. That's why people admire them and would like to be just as strong. They are seen as an example how it is possible to prosper even in really hard and bad conditions. This was a comfort for the farmers in the heath, who usually were very poor.



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