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Where can I find expert spells on skyrim?

Well I'm on skyrim my destruction level is 60 and I want to try some expert spells but I can't find any. I've tried will all the court mages and the destruction mages at the college (btw i am the archmage aswell) but they don't have any spell books for expert or above. Does my destruction level need to be higher so I can get them or am I doing something wrong? Please help, thanks :)

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    The expert level ISN'T level 75. The relevance of level 75 is only the fact that there is a perk you can unlock at level 75 destruction which makes it so that all expert spells cost half magicka to cast. I have level 67 desctruction and I have an expert spell called something like circle of safety.

    You acquire expert and master spells just as you would any other, by buying the book sna dlearning them or finding the books and learning them.

    Source(s): I'm a level 35 breton with 67 desctruction and I only use magic to kill enemies.
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    9 years ago

    Expert spells are only unlockable when you've reached level 75 of the appropriate type.

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    the expert level is 75.

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    9 years ago

    You need 75 destruction for expert level spells to be available, i'm not too sure about this though...

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    try this person:

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