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Pink eye in one eye. should I use drops in both eyes?

I have pink eye in only one eye but I'm afraid it could spread the my other eye. Is it ok to put drops in both eyes as a prevention? Or could it be dangerous? Also if I put in both eyes, do I need to continue like that for 7 or 10 days? Or can I put less frequently in the good eye?

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    If it's a prescription eye drop, you should only use it as directed. If it says to only use it in one eye, then you should only use it in the eye with pink eye. If you are worried about it spreading, wash your hands constantly, and don't rub your eyes. Pick up a bottle of Pink Eye Relief from Similasan and use that in the good eye so that you don't get an infection. If you were not given prescription drops, it's safe to use the product in both eyes.

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    Last time I had pink eye years ago I placed the drops in both eyes even though i only had it in one eye. Just give the doctor or a pharmacy a call and they can tell you for sure.

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