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Why hasn't the majority of the 100% black Africans in Africa hasn't advanced past the "Stick Age"?

Those African countries have more natural resources than the USA could ever dream about, but just look at Somalia, The Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, ETC. Please not the usual babel "The Evil White Man" stole their gold and diamonds, those are just trinkets. Yes a few livable countries in Africa, but if you check, you find it is Whites living there making it somewhat civilized. There is a difference, a big difference and skin color has nothing to do with it. Not a "rant", but can anybody see there is a difference, a big difference?.

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    U do knOw while all the "white" countries had 100's of years to make a civilization. Countries like britan gave countries in Africa civilization in the 1950's. , though I think they should speed up the procces a little bit.

    Source(s): My whole family is from Nigeria,Africa and Nigeria ,one of Africa's thriving and popolous countries, go there independence in the 1960's just 51 years ago. It took America about 150 years to make it a good nation
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    First please give me an answer to this question:Why the heck do everyone on he says black africans when refering to african people?Most black people in america and africans are not the same. true we are decndants but not the same because once we got here we mixed with different races.

    Second your statement about "whites" living in the livable parts is true but it is also true that europeans and now china is probably getting ready to start stealing from Africa.

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    ever heard of culture..fair enough you want to understand why they haven't 'civilized' themselves. however what you consider as civil in the western countries is a breach of their practices. and i know you don't want to hear the entire 'evil white man' issue, but here it is again, because of the oppression displayed in the past, these natives want nothing more than to grasp what ever they have left. as for the resources, well if these people ever got past WAR and political crap (that has a lot of involvement from western countries in the past), then these people would have a chance. but no corruption reigns free here, leaders that cannot be trusted, education that cannot be given to kids. the matter is far beyond the reach of the people because they do not have proper people to lead. its really easy for you to call them 'residents of the stick -age' yet there is nothing concrete you yourself are doing. go sponsor a kid from that country and hope that it would grow up well and learn to harness these so called 'resources'. and please... get your head out of your *** :)

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    This is only your opinion

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