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My mom makes me think of suicide?

She just hit me slapped me so hard on the cheek my ear is bleeding and I got a huge headache all because i didn't do something religious that she had already told me to do well truth is I'm too young and she's pushing me I said that and she told me oh just wait and see the he'll you'll get from me tomorrow just wait and see you worthless daughter I thought I raised u well but surely I didn't well wait and I'm gonna raise u all over again with her eyes glaring at me and I'm afraid of big eyes and she's scares me

I don't know what to do she makes me feel so horrible and like Im nothing and that life doesn't need me so y can't I leave it that's what I feel all because she's forcing me to do religious things and get the grades she's dreamt of because of her I have no social life because she turned me into a nerd and when I try to be normal and happy she puts any tasks she's gotta do on me and gives me her stress and worries I'm only 13!!! Ever since I was little she hated me and loved my older sister more she even told me that she loved her more and I'm a really sensitive person I'm crying now she scares me :-( please make me feel happy somehow

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    1st, show your godamn mother this ******* message: she is a ***** who deserves to be ****** by a bunch of old retarded horses and have her vagina ripped inside out

    2nd, purposely get into a fight with her and call the cops, when they show up describe the situation to them, remember to show any blood/signs of abuse that she caused. tell them you'd like to get adopted

    3rd, enjoy your new family

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    You can get her arrested for that! Any parent is aloud to hit their child but if it leaves a mark or more then its classed as child abuse.

    I think you should have a straight forward talk with your mum. Sit down and have a one on one session. That way you can discuss your views and feelings. If your really uncomfortable with that idea then just leave her. Contact another family member and ask to live with them...

    Don't commit suicide... You've got so much to live for. Yes at the moment you feel abandoned, unloved but in the near future you'll look back at this moment and be so happy you made the choice to live.

    One day you'll have a family of your own so don't do it.

    Source(s): Going to commit suicide when i was 14 but lived to tell the story.
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    Yep, I go through the same thing. I cry about my problems too, but the truth is, it is not worth the tears. If she makes you feel that bad, just go and talk to her nicely and tell her you love her and are always trying to be the best you can be, and that nobody is perfect. Also: please do not commit suicide! It's wrong that she slapped you, so tell her it's not fair for her to be doing this to you. I hope this helps! Good Luck!!

    Source(s): Own experiences :(
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    Oh! - Sometimes the people who says they are adult are just strange but you need to speak with an adult about your situation. Dad or an adult relative first of all.

    If you cannot find someone at home it is time to see if a teacher in school can help you. - Just phone and say help me!

    If you have absolutely nobody to turn to it is time to contact a so called hotline like:

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    Call a friend or relative and have them come pick you up. No one deserves to be treated like this. Don't commit suicide, there are so many better options. Write about how you feel, it will help get some of your emotions out.

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    That is child abuse. Call Cps(child protective services) asap

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