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Should I kill aparthanax In skyrim?

Should I kill aparthanax or not. The blades people said I should but I'm not sure if I should. Help is aprecciated!

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    The Parthanaax Quest is completely optional! I Didn't know this until I killed him. If you kill him you carry on with the blades, but all I've managed to do with them so far is recruit new blades, which is boring and never-ending. If you go to the greybeards and talk to the head greybeard I understand he persuades you not to kill Parthanaax and you can carry on with the greybeards (not sure if they give you more quests), but the blades will stop helping you... not that they ever did...

    To sum up if you're not sure...

    Killing Parthanaax is optional...

    Should you choose to:

    Kill Parthanaax: You must recruit new members for the blades by bringing followers to Delphine. The Greybeards will now ignore you and resent you.

    Allow Parthanaax to live: The Greybeards will like you and maybe give you some new quests (I'm not completely sure), just talk to the Greybeards and they will tell you not to kill Parthanaax. Should you leave Parthanaax the Blades will ignore and resent you.

    If you are still not sure: Just leave the quest and don't talk to the Greybeards or The Blades.

    Source(s): I killed Parthanaax as I didn't know it was optional. Make sure you make the correct choice!
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    Do not kill Paarthurnax. I would NEVER kill him! If I did then the Greybeards would no longer tell me where words are hidden. Screw the Blades, they don't know anything about what it means to be Dragonborn. Paarthurnax is my friend and he is the wisest.

    That's just my opinion, if you want to kill him then be my guest. But I would never kill him.

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    I think it's best to let him live. There are more advantages.

    I'd write them all out for you, but there's a really good list here so it seems pointless:

    Hope this helps!

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    go on do it

    you know u want to

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