Arghh My Poor Boobs! Anyone have this happen?

My husband and i were ttc over a year ago and i got in crazy lady mode tracking everything and i got over it and we haven't been trying since yet have not taken any precautions and he did the deed during my ovulation time now that i look at it. My boobs have been excruciatingly sore on the bottoms and the sides and my nipples are RAW (sorry for the tmi) they never get sore during my cycle or before, the last time they hurt were when i was pregnant with my daughter 3yrs ago. I have milky white odorless dicharge and im tired thrown up twice over the past week, peeing all day, but have discounted all of these symptoms until. ..My husband said i was pregnant and now im stressing.I took a test and it was negative, then again my period isnt due until Christmas day. Has this ever happened to anyone? It seems that if i were pregnant it would be too early to have these symptoms? I just assumed it wasnt possible for us to have a baby and now is terrible timing. Would i feel pregnant? Wow that was long winded, back to crazy lady mode.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, sounds exactly like my story when I found out I was pregnant about 8 weeks ago. My boobs were hurting terribly and they never hurt before a period so I knew something was up.

    You very possibly could have taken the test too early and you should wait until Christmas day.

    I have a feeling your going to get an awesome Christmas present this year yay I am happy for you!

    Good luck and keep us posted if possible.

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  • 9 years ago

    You could be prego . Just test after missed period .

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