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If I buy Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (ps3), will I lose my Data and Trophies?

Hi, i'd save money if i bought the game of the year edition of fallout 3 other than all the dlc's seperately, but if i did buy the Goty edition, would i be able to use my data from the base game and would i still have my trophies, i have bought the gold edition of resident evil 5 and i kept my data and trophies, but i'd just like to be sure. Thanks, Ryan

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    Na u dont lose your trophies the game just adds up the trophies onto the ones you already have...

    So for example when I first played fallout 3, I bought the normal edition then later on I bought the GOTY edition and for every new mission that required a trophy it just added that to the top of my already earned trophies.

    Hope that makes sense

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    I don't think so because normally the GOTY edition is the normal game with another disc that has all the add-ons.

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