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Do breakwalls on bicycle wheels wear?

I have a pair of, maybe 2006, Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL's. The brake walls look like they have little chips in 'em. My buddy used them a few times in really nasty weather. Why I don't know. So....the walls feel worn just by running my finger over the wall/rim. Will I need to replace them? They look like they still have plenty of life left and, believe it or not, they are still true. Also, the rear hub feels a little sluggish. Can I get it rebiult? Should I send it to Mavic or just take it to my local shop? Need some help EXPERIENCED riders and mechanics!

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    Many Mavic rims have wear indicators. Look for a machined dot on the rim. Any depth showing and it's usable.

    Clean the braking surface and renew it. Use a green scotchbrite pad or the one mounted on a sponge trademarked Scrunge. Both are readily available at most stores selling dish soap. Have a pail of plain water. Latex gloves are handy as it is messy.

    Remove the wheels from the bike and then remove the tires. Wet the green scrubber, wring it out, and begin rubbing the brake surface to a shine. Keep dipping the scrubber and wringing every three spokes. Keep the scrubber off the rest of the rim as it will mar the finish. It is very easy to do.

    Wipe the rim with a damp cloth followed with a dry. Taa Daa!! New looking brake surface.

    Now would be the time for a new set of appropriate brake pads. SwissStop Green. If you have Shimano brakes get a set of SRAM green pads (by SwissStop) -- they fit perfectly. Great compound for dry conditions, and perfect for wet.

    Mavic has technical help on line to give you the details on how to rebuild the hub. It is real easy with ball and cone bearings, you want a mechanic to replace any pressed in sealed bearing sets.

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    Brake surfaces do wear, but it takes many years of riding for them to get thin enough for it to be a problem. As for the hubs, Mavic hubs do require servicing from time to time. You could probably find the instructions on their website, or your local shop might be able to provide information. Usually, when you buy a set of wheels from Mavic, the tools for servicing are included in a package that also includes directions for maintenance. Even when you buy a complete bike with Mavic wheels, this stuff is included. You could easily learn how to take care of the wheels yourself

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    maybe ask what he did

    if they are on the edges of the rim, he could have ridden with a flat tire

    that dings the rim up

    if they don;t eat the brake pads up, and they brake ok, no problems

    rebuilt - prob not exc with a new rim


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