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What do you imagine aliens look like?

No answers like "could look like anything" I get that. And I get that its stupid to make conclusions since noone ever saw em, and we know nothing about any world other than our own. But its fun to imagine. What do you think, hope, imagine them to be like ?


yeah smart @ss, there'd be germs and that. But considering how big the universe is there'd ALSO be civilised ones. Im not talking about alien animals or f*cking germs. Im talking about civilised creatures.

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    We would be aliens if we found another planet and scared their civilization. So they could be us

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    Most earthlings, for most of earth's history looked like bacteria. If we do discover life on another planet. (I'm sure its there, I'm not sure we will ever be clever enough to discover it) It will probably look the same: as bacteria.

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    If their are other people living out on other planets they would have the same Creator,they may humans or very similar or equal to humans, as well as probably have the same or very similar wildlife living on their planet as we do on Earth.

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    Germs don't f*ck. They are single celled organisms. Civilized creatures don't lace their posts with gratuitous profanity.

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    They are most likely be microbes like germs and stuff like that.

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    they're short, travel in groups and usually have a leaf blower with them.

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