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Are UKALA boots fake UGGs or are they like EMUs? Which shops can you get them in?

I want some UGGs/EMUs, but I don't want to pay that much for them. So I heard about UKALAs and wondered if they're the same, or are they like fake UGGs?

Also, does anyone know if you can buy them in stores, or just online?

Any answers are much appreciated, thanks.

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    Yeah I just bought a pair online. They are very similar to uggs. The only difference is that on UKALA by emu you see "Ukala" instead of uggs lol...but its all wool inside. Bear paws are also good too. But UKALA boots are a lot cheapier. I just got my pair 2 days ago. I orderd them online at its like zappos discount store. Right now they have the Ukalas dirt cheap. I think I only paid like 20 and change. IDK if any stores besides online carry them though,

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    Ugg, bearpaw, emu, and ukala are the both same thing. There made of sheepskin wool and both of them are popular. I hqve a pair of ugg and bearpaw and I just order my little cousin an ukala boots and ill try to buy emu to have all tye best boots brands.

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    Ukala Boots

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    there's a difference between look-a-like uggs and fake or knockoff uggs. i consider fake uggs as something un-authentic but still has a fake label on it claiming to be the ugg brand. look-a-like uggs are ugg-type shoes that are made by a different company. they are not claiming to be the real uggs.

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