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Did you read these when you were younger and what do you enjoy now?

I am 17 and trying to get back into books, i read all the Beverly Clarely books, The Pony Pals, The dairy series of random girls dairys, Dead Girls Dont Write Letters, The island the of the aunts, The fairy rebel, The girl with silver eyes, A corner of the universe, The giver, loved all those so much when i was younger, now that i am 17 id like some suggestions from people that liked these too for some suggestion of books i should read now please :)

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    I'm 17 too, I've not read any of those but I can give you some suggestions? :)

    1). I am number 4. Best book ever!!

    2). Cross my heart and hope to spy. Quite girly and simple.

    3). The Scarecrow by Michael Connely. (spelt his surname wrong) murder one but good.

    4). A book called contest, like a scifi, murder kinda thing, real good.

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