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is it true that Zionist and judaism are two different thing im not saying that but that what i hear is that?

true, what do you say

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    It depends.

    Like the word democrat, zionism has two different meanings that people often confuse.

    A democrat can mean someone who supports democracy or someone who is a member of the Democratic party.

    Zionism can mean the desire to reestablish the nation of Israel in its original location OR a modern political party.

    The desire to reestablish Israel is fundamental to Judaism and all observant Jews are zionists in this way. It is part of every grace after meals and each of the three times daily prayer services. It is a frequent theme throughout the Bible and the Passover service and meal.

    The modern political party was involved in setting up the modern state of Israel. But, they were not only non-religious. They were often ardently anti-religious and attacked religious Jews and undermined Jewish observance. Consequently, many observant Jews in the 1940's and 1950's were "anti-zionist" (anti the zionist modern political party).

  • Since there are non-Zionist Jews, and non-Jewish Zionists, I'd say they are obviously two different things.

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    yes its true zionism and judaism are two different things some jews are not zionists and some are...

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