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would a faster computer / processor make a difference?

two things:

1. when i am uploading a video to YouTube my internet speed slows considerably

2. whenever i am making a movie (using windows movie maker) my computer again really slows down

if i had a faster computer with a more modern processor would it make a difference with either??

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    having a slow internet would require that you contact your internet provider and sign up for a plan with a higher download upload speed.

    If you have a wireless connection try it out with a wired connection to see if speed changes in a big way.

    Having an upgraded processor i would not recommend but i would recommend getting a medium to high end video card which is precisely what you need.

    The video card has its own processor so you will actually take a load of the main processor and the computers ram.

    You will see a large improvement in performance as long as you dont get an extremely low end video card.

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    1. This is caused by a large first in first out queue in your modem, resulting in packets from other applications having to wait behind a queue of video. The ideal solution is to use fair queueing or a smaller queue (often called QoS). If that isn't possible, slow down the speed your computer is sending at. Faster download speeds or computer will not help.

    2. Reducing the priority of encoder process will make computer faster - it will stop encoding video to do the other tasks before return to encoding the video. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to access the task manager witch allows adjust priorities. A faster computer will help, but possibly less than adjusting priorities.

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    When you "encode", the CPU changes all the data in your movie to some other data (i.e. wmv to mpg, or even a couple of mpg to a bigger mpg)...and it takes a lot of power. To make this faster, multiple-core CPU's help because while one core is "busy" or even "maxed", the other cores can make your computing faster that it might not be noticeable.

    BUT it also depends on other things like. If your HD is slow, then you can't write the movie and do other things like read the email fast enough. If you RAM is slow/small, then it takes more time for data to move in and out of RAM from the HD to do stuff. Because everything you do has to work off RAM and if it's "full" the computer has to write "minimized application data" to the HD, and retrieve stuff from your "maximized application data" from the HD and put it into RAM before you can do anything.

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    1. a) if you actually internet speed slows down, get faster internet

    b) if computer performance (takes a long time to open things, off the internet) goes down, get a new computer

    2. yeah you could probably use a new computer, im not too sure how taxing movie maker is on the computer but if you're editin a HD video computer performance will drop.

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    For youtube, id check your internet speed. There's plenty of sites to check it, just google 'internet speed test'. For the others yes. Sound like you really just need more ram.

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    hell yeah

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