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Why do I fight better in a actual fight and I can't do as good when I am in line practicing in Martial Arts?

I am a high ranking belt in Martial Arts and when I do my moves when we are all lined up. I can't do them as good as when I am actually fighting in class or outside of class. It is hard for me to on command do a roundhouse kick to someones head. But when I am fighting for real in class with someone or not in class I can easily roundhouse kick someone in the head with power perfectly. And with other moves too.

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    First off ,why the heck are you attempting a roundhouse in a street fight! SOLID LEG KICKS IS THE WAY FORWARD. And sorry to say but fighting class is not the same outside, so your effects will be greater in different ways . Next it is always harder to do a kick on demand due to your bodies chemicals and adrenaline they change rapidly so although you may not know it , kicking on demand is always less effective than when you do it on your own command .

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    In a real fight people are less trained to defend against such moves and are often clumsy so openings will present themselves more, whilst when just performing the move you can closely analyse how well it goes, however, in a fight your not looking for visual perfection just what makes them fall flat on their ****.

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    my guess would be adrenalin

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