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Why don't women obey the Bible and cover their head when they pray?

"Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head. But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head,..." & "Judge among yourselves. Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered?" 1 Cor 11. So why don't people who really believe that every word of the Bible is true do it?

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    In the history of Christianity this rule has been observed in the East since the beginning. I am an Orthodox Christian and can only speak of the practice in the Orthodox Church. In Orthodox Christian Churches around the world women wearing scarves over their heads is the standard. If any woman visits an Orthodox Christian monastery and does not have something to cover her head with, she will be handed a scarf to put over her head. She will also be given a robe if her clothing is unsuitable. If she rejects this items of clothing she is not permitted to enter.

    In the Orthodox Churches in America we have the first deviation in 2000 years from this pattern. Whether it be from protestantism or the idea of America individuality or something else I'm not sure. There are many Orthodox Churches in America that encourage women to cover their heads, but none, from what I see, mandate it. Whereas if you visit the East, all women will cover their head. For whatever reason, many bishops/priests in America are not requiring women to perform this step.

    It's just my opinion, but I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that few people in America know about Orthodox Christianity. Orthodox Christianity is a lot different than Protestantism or the Latin Church. With all the differences, the Bishops/priests may be allowing a certain latitude for the sake of accomodation. In another 100 years when the Orthodox faith is familiar with believers and non-believers, they could be stricter about the practice. Right now there is so much to have to re-learn about salvation, the work of Christ, heaven & hell, the role of faith & grace, purification, the Mysteries, theology, anthropology that the scarves issue may just be a bit over the top. Whether Orthodox churches in America begin to be more strict decades from now, God knows.

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    As a refugee from decades in Christianity, I can tell you the picking and choosing makes for interesting rationalizations.

    EDIT NOTE to Guitarman. A woman's hair is only considered adequate covering if it's uncut.

    @ Gaby Mia - That's pure and unadulterated rationalization. There is no way to come up with that interpretation based on what the Bible actually says. And the asker's reference is New Testament not old.l

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    This is in reference to public praying or prophesying. In such cases, a baptized man would be doing this but if such a man were not present or had laryngitis for example and a woman had to take his place, she would cover her head with a scarf or hat to show her respect for God's arrangement which is that the man is head of the woman just as Christ is head of the man.

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    a million Corinthians: honestly is reffering to a society wherein hair symbolized sexuality, sorta like how breasts are at present. consequently hair became stored lined, basically like breasts are at present. Its humorous to contemplate hair as something sexual, yet did you understand that decrease back than breasts weren't seen sexual? Nope, they have been seen not something better than a physique area used to feed little ones. in certainty there are statues of the virgin mary breastfeeding Jesus, and this became not inapropriate through fact of custom. The "enable her be shorn" area is reffering to prostittues, through fact basically prostittutes shaved their head. consequently paul became announcing, "in case you will act skimpy, you are able to desire to besides be a prostitute!" faith would not have a time, however the bible does... The bible is strongly plagued via custom and historical past, or perhaps the bible itself says to understand custom... Even Paul himself fit regulations to particular cultures.... ------------------------- a million Timothy: Um... sure. Jesus is our mediatior. yet basically through fact he's a mediatior does not recommend he's not God. God got here down, and grew to grow to be the mediator for us via demise on the pass. God is a spirit, so he would properly be "2" whilst nevertheless being one...

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    It doesnt necessarily mean to have a robe or something over there head but to be covered with the holy spirit from head to toe and come in reverance. That's all in the old testament. The old testament is full of symbolism and you have to study it and go beyond what it says to understand it

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    In the bible, a woman's hair is considered her covering.

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    Do you wear mixed fibre clothing?

    If so, deal with your own shortcoming first.

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    Dont wanna.

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