what should i do...this girl is confusing?

i like this girl a lot not sure how she feels about me we flirt and text a lot...we've hung out a couple of times outside of school, she even invited me to party with only her close friends...when we hang she never talks about guys...she says im different than most guys...she seems happy when we hang out the only problem is she is very flaky..she has flaked on me a couple times, but never i bring it up i just act like i didnt happen and the one time i flaked on her she seemed kinda upset..well the other night she invited me to hang out with her friends i said i was down...she text me u better be ready!!...she never text me back than she posted on facebook how she was having blast...i think 30 mins later she text me "hey" i just ignored it...today we were supposed to go to the mall but i never hit her up i just went with someone else..so what should i do?? i like her but i also care for her as a friend...idk...ugh

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  • 9 years ago
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    sounds like she is playing with you if i were u i would forget her and move on

  • 9 years ago

    It sounds like the two of you are playing attention-seeking juvenile little "I'm ignoring you" games. That kind of sh*t gets old really quickly and will kill any chance of a relationship.

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