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How do I get rid of a pinched nerve?

It started as simply as my arm just going numb occasionally mostly in my elbow and now my shoulder is in pain and I don't think it's from sleeping the wrong way. I have tried rotating it and getting it massaged but neither seem to be doing the trick. Any other ideas?

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    You can try walking as this helps to get the vertebrae moving. You can try yoga, but I think you would benefit from a visit to an Osteopath who specializes in the Sutherland method or a visit to Chiropractor/Naprapath who specializes in soft tissue manipulation. Good luck.

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    I would suggest going to a Chiropractor. They work with the hard tissue which is bone, then also seeing a massage therapist who works with the soft tissue, muscle. A pinched nerve is a bone slightly out of place and is "pinching" the nerve. A Chiropractor can do what is called an adjustment of the bones and realign the bones so the nerve is not "pinched" any more. A massage therapist can help the muscles relaxed so the muscles won't pull the bones back out of place. A massage will also help relieve pain.

    Source(s): I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and work with Chiropractors
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    Go spend $35 for a bottle of shark cartilage capsules. Take as directed. It will rebuild all joints including your back and the nerve will no longer be pinched.

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