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How to get a 6 pack for men?

I want to get a six pack but alll I know is to do crunches -_- and I know there's more to it please help me all you 6pack and 8pack people please share your secret with meee!!! And thank you in advance

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    lay flatt on your back and then extend your legs and srms straight in the air untill they meet and go pac to your starting point, from just two months of doing this i was ripped!

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    I bet I am in a global of predicament. Not even a lager % for me. My frame is not going to permit me to pastime what use to supply me a 6 %. Just a frumpy frame right here. And so it is going.

  • 9 years ago

    if your not skinny enough, intense cardio to lose weight and DIFFERENT ab workouts every other day not the same the mmuscles will get used to the same workouts and only hit one part of the muscle

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    lay on the ground, lift your feet 6 inches off the ground and hold it, you're doing it correctly if you feel stress on your abs.

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