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If humans are animals why are we more superior?

Firstly, I think the whole idea of humans being just like animals is an abomination. We are CLEARLY more special than animals.

REASONS: We are smarter than animals. We are the most superior.

Just because we have some similarities to animals, it doesn't mean that we are JUST LIKE THEM. We think differently.

Anyone who believes humans are just like animals, need to take a look at the REAL WORLD.


@M (atheist)

If we are not superior then another species would have taken over humans after all these years.

Update 2:

@Bill O'Reilly All that science and engineering is a part of us though.

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    Humans are not animals. Humans are the only creation of God that was created in His image, animals were not created in His image.

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    Take your superior self into the Amazon and let the killer ants know while they devour you.

    Why haven't we taken over the ocean? Why does the dolphin species show evidence of existence for millions of years while we've only been around ten thousand or so?

    Why can dolphins understand our hand gestures but we can't figure out their communication?

    In Psychology tests, why are chimpanzees able to figure out the same tasks as a three year old human?

    i'm not saying our brains aren't great but we suck A55 when compared to other animals and their abilities.

    Why do you think the ancient Egyptians assumed their god/desses were half animal? They respected the power each had.

    Ironically Joseph, it was the monster Hitler who used the 'social Darwinism' theory to justify doing 'Gods work' (according to his Mein Kampf' book) and believed certain people were 'superior' b/c they has less or no, animal genes

    BTW, social Darwinism misunderstands the concept of 'survival of the fittest'

    IE: in nature, if Stephen Dawkins and some HS football player are having to run from a tiger, who's going to be eaten first, despite his intellectual superiority?

    Social Darwinism operates by having a person, or group of people determine who will survive.

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    Humans are animals. We are superior because we've reached the top of the food chain by evolving and gaining an ever-useful brain. We may think differently, but that's because we have a different brain. We adapted sentience and cognition to process the world around us in a different way than most other animals.

    We are animals and always will be. Haven't you read Lord of the Flies? The kids killed eachother because they were too young to have any influence from society to hold them back. The reason why we're so smart and civilized is because we have society pounded into our minds to restrict us and hold us back from killing eachother and doing whatever we please.

    I have taken a look at the real world and humans are animals.

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    9 years ago

    The definition of animal that you're talking about is different then the actual biological definition. We are comprised of animal cells, so in that respect we are the same, but our brains are far more complex.

    "Just because we have some similarities to animals, it doesn't mean that we are JUST LIKE THEM. We think differently."

    Just because a dolphin has some similarities to a tiger it doesn't mean that they are just like each other. We are just like them. Animal is a general term. Your reasoning is as flawed as saying that a tomato is not a fruit.

    "Anyone who believes humans are just like animals, need to take a look at the REAL WORLD."

    When you have the real world figured out then you can make claims that you do, but no one understands reality.

    "All that science and engineering is a part of us though."

    See, you haven't even begun to understand reality. The engineering is a part of us, the science, the actual knowledge is simply a puzzle that we have to figure out.

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    Are you old enough to have an account with Yahoo?

    We humans have classified all life on the planet into our own system. In that system we humans fit in the Animal Kingdom, unless you wish to argue that you are a plant, a fungus, or single-celled?

    We humans may have cognitive ability enough to ask the question, "whence did we come," yet we lack the elegant wisdom of not polluting our food, water, and air. "Superior" is a value judgement, and I don't assign us that value. Smart? Yes. Valuable? Yes. Superior? No, we have no more intrinsic value than anything else.

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    This is precisely why social darwinism was thrown out as this kind of thinking eventually gets abused and twisted into all kinds of racism, civil and world wars and such. Once we've separated ourselves from the lowly animal kingdom we then stratify each other.

    From a Biblical perspective, however, we're more than just animals because we're created in God's image (we are one race - the human race).

    @strpenta: You are correct, Hitler did twist both "social darwinism" and misguided views of doing "God's work" to get away with all sorts of atrocities.

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    We are animals and we may be superior in some areas but not all.

    Sadly you're extremely ignorant about science, especially biology. Actually, you're probably ignorant about most things.

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    9 years ago

    We're smarter, giraffes have longer necks, cheetahs run faster, bears can tear out your liver... Just because we're the best at one thing doesn't mean we're special. Stop being so arrogant.

    Take away all the luxuries that science and engineering has given you and then put you next to most predators and see how you fare.

  • Bill
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    9 years ago

    Why can't we be both?

    I agree that humans are superior to all other animals based principally on our intelligence. But we indisputably *are* animals.


    I'm rather surprised by how many people here don't think that humans are superior to other animals. You'd better all be vegans and hard core animal rights activists or else you are guilty of murdering your equals.

  • 9 years ago

    You are one just example of why we are not, madam.

    We are quite clearly animals.We are not plants or minerals

    We eat, drink, crap, pee, f'uck, sleep.....not necessarily in that order.

    We have caused a lot of horror on this forsaken planet because certain groups of us have expressed that they feel "superior"

    It's all bollocks at the end of the day.

    Us being animals is not the abomination, YOU ARE

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    Intelligence my friend,is an advanced brain.Every human has animal instincts.When you watch a horror movie,do you get scared at all?If so,it's because of your ANIMAL instincts,when things randomly pop up and scare you,your heart rate is rising,your blood is traveling faster so you can outrun and outfight your enemy.That's why.

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