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I'm 15. Experienced a panic attack(maybe)? And other health problems. Help!?

So for a couple of weeks now I've been losing a LOT of weight, but not just fat, I started losing muscle mass too. I've also been experiencing rare stomach cramps and on occasion, diarrhea and/or muddy stool.

So during the recent few days, added to this, I've also been experiencing fatigue and slight depression.

And a few hours ago, when I was walking trough town, for absolutely no reason at all, I started feeling pressure in the front of my head and it was hard for me to breathe. It lasted a few moments, I sat down and drank some water, intentionally avoiding contact with other people.

After that friend saw me and came to me. At this time, I started getting a little better but felt like I just ran a marathon. So we went to the local bar and I drank some mineral water to calm my stomach.

I didn't feel so bad then, but I still just stared into the abyss, thinking absolutely nothing at all.

After a few moments, that effect weakened.

I thought I had a stroke so I did some tests to see if I was functioning normally, but none of my basic functions were altered. My memory worked, and so did my logic, my cognitive skills, and everything else.

What could this be?

Oh and, just to add, my dad had a heart condition. If that's important. But I still think it's diabetes.


I am aware I need a doctor, and I am going to a doctor tomorrow.

I'm just asking to have some hindsight on what it could be.

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    You need a doctor.

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