Please help over grammar.?

Anne irritated, she rushed wearing her sandals.

1. Is this grammatically correct.

2. Irritated is past tense together with rushed, the question, why is wearing is at present tense? Any rule regarding that case?

( Please consider that English is my second language ahahaha)

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    9 years ago
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    It's grammatically incorrect. I would rearrange it to be: "Anne, irritated, rushed wearing her sandals".

    (On a side note, however, although this is now grammatically correct, it sounds a bit weird when you use it. I would personally say, "Anne, irritated, rushed in her sandals", or even better, but depending on the context, "Anne, irritated, rushed over in her sandals".)

    Firstly, you need a comma separated "Anne" and "irritated" to describe her as such. If you didn't want to use a comma, you would need the verb to be. E.g. "Anne WAS irritated", and then you would need to change the rest of the sentence. E.g. "Anne was irritated. She rushed wearing her sandals." You could also say, "Anne was irritated and rushed wearing her sandals", but I think the first one sounds better.

    Secondly, you have two subjects in your sentence ("Anne" and "she") when you should have only one. Your subject is the one person, Anna, and you can't have the pronoun "she" in the SAME CLAUSE. If you had two different clauses, e.g. separated with an "and", then you could have "she": Anne was irritated AND she rushed wearing her sandals.

    Now to address your second question. "Wearing" is a present participle (-ING verbs). It can be used in a variety of different ways (I don't know them all, so maybe google it). In this particular case, it is used like an ADJECTIVE to describe Anna. Think of this phrase, "wearing her sandals", as a fixed adjectival phrase used to describe the subject. Although it is present in form, we often use these verb forms as adjectives, in ALL tenses.

    - In past tense: "She ran, holding her stick."

    - In present tense: "She runs, holding her stick."

    - In future tense: "She will run, holding her stick."

    I hope it helps. I also hope it is correct. If it's not, someone please help!

  • 9 years ago

    It's not exactly correct, you need to put it as Anne was irritated, she rushed wearing her sandals.

    I can't exactly explain why you need to use a present progressive, I've been doing it so long it doesn't even really pop into my head as being strange. I suppose you could say "she was rushing in her sandals.", which I prefer more anyway.

    Sorry I couldn't have been more help.

  • quirk
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    9 years ago

    This is better:

    Anne, irritated, rushed wearing her sandals.

  • 4 years ago

    Anne was irked; as a result, she rushed wearing her sandals.

    Man, the sentence seems so off. Read it out loud

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