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Does anybody besides me remember how remarkable the 2007 yankees were?

Everybody raved about he 2011 redsox because they started out 2-10 and were 83-51 at one point. Well they choked anyway. The 2007 yankees started out the 2007 season with a 21-29 record and still weren't an over 500 team at the all star break, but still won the wild card and came within 2 games of taking the division from boston, they were once 14.5 games out of first place. Sportswriters counted the yankees out that year saying "they're finished" and we made them all look like idiots when we finished the season 94-68. Okay granted we got knocked out in the first round by the Indians, and the yankee organization doesn't wanna just make the playoffs. But who remembers game 2 of the 2007 ALDS, the gnats prevented Joba Chamberlain from locking up a 2-0 yankees game 2 victory. We went on to win game 3, lost game 4, but they're could have been a game 5, game 2 was not fair the umpires should have called that game or rescheduled it, I hate bud selig for that game. Think had they're been a game 5 the yankees would have won and advanced to the ALCS. Now you're probably saying to yourselves "the red sox would have taken the yankees out" no I don't think so. Boston's pitching was horrible in that series and the Indians couldn't finished them off because they're pitching wasn't solid enough, we had the guns to finish off a red sox team that fell behind 3-1 in the ALCS. So now we're in the 2007 world series to face a colorado rockies dream team that went flat in the world series, the yankees could have rolled over those rockies just like in 1998 with the padres. So my question is does any yankee fan remeber how we battled back to make the playoffs and how MLB cheated us out of a game 5 but making us lose game 2 because of gnats?

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    Great piece. You've stated just another example why the Yankees are the greatest professional sports franchise in the world.

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    Oh poor baby Joba, there's bugs everywhere! Go cry to mommy. Surprising how Fausto Carmona had absolutely no trouble with the bugs and pitched a dominant game in spite of them. The 07 Yankees were not as great as you say they were, because they were bounced in the first round of the playoffs, completely missed the playoffs the next year, and you even said they weren't a .500 team at the break. They had a great half and a mediocre half, and then cooled down come playoff time. So no, they weren't that great. They didn't get the job done

    Source(s): And they were midges, not gnats. Lake midges. There's a big difference
  • That team was a gang of under achievers.

    They out scored their opponents on the season by 191 runs and should have won 100 games.

    And then they would have had the home field advantage in the playoffs and that is a fact.

    Remarkable only for for not breezing through the season and the playoffs and the World Series.

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    It's only remarkable how you think the Yankees were cheated out of playing a Game 5 because of gnats in Game 2 - lol

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    Remember, most sports media networks love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees. They frequently hype up Boston and neglect to mention the Yankees' achievements.

  • Hey buddy, I want you to look at your keyboard... I know you know what the letter L is because you used it a few times in that mess....

    Now go two keys to your right (that's >>> direction), and there is a key that you have probably never used before called the "Enter" key... It makes things legible so that people can read things without wanting to strangle you.

    It's your friend, try using it next time.

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    How is that remarkable when Red Sox won that year. it is just another team in the playoff at best.

  • Not as remarkable as the 2002 Oakland A's

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    One hell of a team.

    Let their biggest rivals win it all, and got beat by a Cleveland team, who hadn't won a game against them in the regular season.

    Damn - a dream season if there ever was one.

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    Wouldn't call them remarkable if they got bounced. Just another team that couldn't get it done.

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