Subwoofer brands and sizes.?

I am looking to buy either two 10in subs or two 12s. I was just wondering opinions on what to get, or what sizes.


At a local shop they are going to sell me two 12s, a custom ported box, an amp, and all the wiring for 700. what do you guys think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    a set of 12s would be nice with the right class d or mono amplifier to run them. from the best to the middle of the road in my opinion its boston acoustics/rockford fosgate/alpine/mtx/pioneer/kicker and many others.and learn about RMS ratings and how they work .this is how you pick an amplifier for your sub woofers.the RMS rating is the continuous power a class d amp can put out and a sub woofer can handle.say you have 2 subs that each have a RMS rating of 500 then you have to add them together and this is the RMS rating you will need your class d amplifier to put out.1000 works the same way for a channeled amp either a 2 or 4 channel it will give you a RMS rating per channel or a total RMS when bridged.and speakers also come with a RMS rating they can handle.if any equipment you are looking at don't have this RMS rating its not worth buying.there are a few company's out there that inflate there RMS ratings and some who under rate there equipment these are the company's you want to deal with.the ones i mentioned all can be trusted for there ratings.hope this helps you out.

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  • 9 years ago

    get 2 12s in a proted box thatll shake any car out there. best buys having a sale on kickers comp 12s for 49.99 a piece picked up 2 have em hooked up to a mtx thunder amp and its sounds super clean. not as nice as my cvrs but for the price you definately get your moneys worth and some

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