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can dogs get drunk...?

hey so i was supposed to watch my girlfriend's dog this week while she is out of town. its a bulldog and it follows me everywhere but doesnt do much else or say anything. i ordered some pizzas the other night and have been feeding it pizza for a couple days and now it wont eat its regular dog all. also ive been sharing my beers with it....but it is acting funny. like it ran into the wall a couple times. and when it stands to pee it can really balance itself.


i mean it cant balance itself well. i dont know what to do. its been like this for a day now.

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    Yes they can!

    Stop making the poor dog sick lol!

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    The marinara in the pizza will start to hurt the dog's digestive system. It can cause hot spots, so pizza really isn't good for the dog to begin with. Stop feeding the dog pizza, and buy a can of moist dog food to mix with his/ her kibble to attract the dog to his dish. Mix half today, a quarter of the can tomorrow, and the remainder quarter the following day. This will help switch him back to his dry food and make sure he's eating enough to remain healthy. It will also help cycle out the human food.

    Beer will have the same effects to the dog as it does to you. Alcohol shouldn't be given to the animal because the animal doesn't think through any of its actions to begin with. It just does what it instinctually wants to do. Alcohol will make it worse. I would advise no more beer for the pooch as well. Make sure plenty of water is set out for him/her to drink.

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    Stop giving it beer and feeding it pizza. It will eat its dog food when it gets hungry enough.

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    haha yes dogs can get drunk. you should probably stop feeding it pizza so it will start eating its regular food

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    By nature dogs can not be drunk but we spoil them and make them get drunk !

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    yes. It's funny to watch too! Beer only... liquor may be too toxic for them.

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    animal abuse. If you kill her dog, she will NEVER forgive you.

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