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Ok so ima a 16 yr old dude how do I get over my first love/lover?

Ok so like I said I'm 16 years old and I meet my ex fiancée 3 years ago in 7th grade we started out as being best freands and I helped her thru every thing and she helped me face addiction and various home problems and problems with my past and I did the same for her we were Engadged for 2 years she was my first love and now she's with some one I thought was a good freand we broke up 10 mounths ago and Ive been told she cheeted and may of had an abortion with out telling me and even thru all a

That I can't get over her an it's un healthy I need to move on can some one plz help me

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    .... wait you got engaged at 14? LOL dumbasssss

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Nice username for a guy, and you're so youn to have been engaged

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