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Am I depressed? What should I do about how I have been feeling the past year?

In January of this year my uncle who I was very close to was murdered for no reason. He was a great guy and did nothing to provoke it. Since then I have started cutting myself and going through patterns of not eating, then binge eating, then trying to throw up which I never can so I then feel I need to be punished and cut myself. My grades have dropped and I just don't really care about it anymore. There are days when I feel ok and can act normally with my friends and family but then there are days were it just feels like so much effort to even speak or I will get mad really easily. I used to be a strong christian and now i kinda doubt there is even a God and if He is real He must hate me or something. I hate going to church now and try to avoid it, using after school activities and homework as an excuse. I'm also the cheer captain at my school which can be really stressful and I just overall feel like I'm really down this past year. Like I have had one too many mood swings and stuff. And I feel like there is no one I can turn to for help. I'm very close to my family but I'm afraid they will be mad that their "perfect" daughter is doing this.Whats wrong with me? What should I do??

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    Well I haven't been through this but I know what you mean. My whole family is christian and I totally know what your talking about! And about god hating you, that's not true! God loves you a lot and he would never want to hurt you. Just pray to him and ask him to forgive you and that your sorry and that you need his help. Sometimes you need to ask him for help, even if you don't think you need it from him. He wants to help you. Its just one of those ruff times, you will get through it! Things like this happen satin's just tring to tear you down, don't give up!

    Good luck!

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    Yes! Seek help, talk to a beloved one or a professional :)

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