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I backed up my PC onto my external hard drive already but my main question is that, since backing up your hard drive doesn't include windows program like Microsoft Office. If i have the product key but not the CD (downloaded it from Microsoft legally) and used it for this PC, when i do a system restore can i retype that same product key code in, to get Microsoft Office again or would i need to purchase it? Thanks.

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  • Jim
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    9 years ago
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    >It all depends on the backup software you are using. Hey, I use Acronis True Image Home 2012 and it backs EVERYTHING UP - including Microsoft Office. I have restored the entire operating system from external backups with this software and it always has Office ready to use, just like nothing ever happened. So I don't know what backup software you are using, but if you use anything like what I do, everything gets backed up and restored, operating system, software, all files, the works. It might be smart to invest the $50 with Acronis to get the software I use so you have peace of mind in case of a failure. I have NEVER had to re-use a product key again after installing the first time.

  • Allan
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    9 years ago

    Rather than type this all over again I'm simply going to copy an answer I gave earlier today:

    I have always believed that the best way to backup a hard-drive involves another identical hard drive

    And cloning software.

    The best cloning software in my opinion is something called clonezilla.

    Clonezilla itself is FREE

    What it "costs" to keep a cloned backup is the cost of the drive you are

    using as a backup and a USB or eSATA enclosure.

    Oh, and 40-odd minutes of your life in making a weekly (if you are REALLY paranoid)

    or monthly (if you are only slightly paranoid like me) and the 10-ish minutes required

    to remove the original drive and install the clone to verify that your clone works.

    On my Desktop my "Clone" is permanently mounted in the case and I only connect that drive

    when making an updated clone and when testing it to verify that it did indeed clone correctly.

    Other than actually running the clone operation you cannot have both drives connected at the same time (with Vista or Windows 7 there will be a "Signature collision" that prevents the second drive from being recognized and if you force the second drive online with the first drive connected you've just ruined your clone)

    On my Notebook the "clone" is in a drive caddy for my notebook and I connect it

    for the cloning operation via an eSATA adapter cable.

    To test I simply swap the drive with the other drive (once it's been freshly cloned which drive is connected is irrelevant.

    Cloning serves to protect not only the data (documents, pics, video and music)

    but also all system settings and the windows installation itself.

    IF a drive fails I can be back up and running as quickly as I can swap

    one drive for another. No reinstalling, no system restore, just shutting down,

    swapping the physical drive and mounting the replacement drive then restarting....

    Yes, it costs a drive, but it's cheaper than the time spent reinstalling windows

    and recovering all my data...


  • 9 years ago

    When you do a system restore it remembers the product codes so dont' worry. You can also get free software and games below at the web site below when you go to FREE STUFF at the top

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  • RF
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    9 years ago

    Since you already registered it once you cannot register it again. Before buying a new one though call Microsoft and tell them your situation. They should be able to help you.

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  • 9 years ago

    You can use the same key, no worries there.

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