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Question for mothers or daughters that have had an answer from a parent?

Well my boyfriend asked if I wanna go out with him and one of my friends and his friend (which are goin out) he asked if I wanna go to the movies,

So my question is

would you let your daughter go out on like a double date with her boyfriend to watch New Years Eve (12A) ??

And what time would be ok? I don't want it to late, just in the day. And mum would pick me up and drop me off as it would be my first real date.

Serouis answers only please

And if the answer is a no can you explain why.


btw I'm 13


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    check and see the show times and run them by your mom and since she is driving split the cost of the ticket and treat her to movie just work out how everyone will be sitting before hand. this is your first date and if everything goes well the next date might come faster

  • San
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    9 years ago

    Well my daughter is 13. My 1st reaction was NO. Boyfriend!!!!!! Oh boy.. Friend would be better, sorry. If you where going to the movies with a friends. During the day. I guess you really should ask your mom what she would be willing to do. 13 and 1st real date. I would say not going to happen. Maybe your mom is not as strict.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    well my mum let my brother go on a double date to see what ever movie there was on he kisses his bird and that hes your age and my mum said no later ending than 7 cause it gets super dark

    so yes

  • Matt
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    9 years ago

    Probably no later than a 7:00 show. But yeah, it seems very harmless. Have a good time.

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