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How can i loose weight in my thighs and tone my butt ?

I'm 5'4 and 180 pounds last time I checked. And I have a big chest but small waist and arms and HUGE thighs . I wear a medium in shirts and 13 in pants and I always have to wear my belt on its tightest or get my pants altered because they fit good in the thighs but not my hips. I'm pretty active, I cheer and do gymnastics like 5 to 6 times a week. I need some ideas on how to loose the weight in my thighs !

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    you cant lose weight in oner specific area and only do workouts in one part of your body. you need to do full body workouts to see results

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    I'm 5'2 and 120. i do a ton of sports to and my thighs are big to. It's probably muscle since your into sports, I wish I knew and I'd try it. My sister though, does this thing on the steps where she stands on the very edge of the steps and tightnes her butt muscles and pushes herself up and down gently holding o the wall.

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    Unfortunately you cannot target certain areas of fat to lose. Fat is lost in the distribution it is seen in. Say 40% of the fat in your body is in your thighs, then when you burn fat 40% of it will come from there.

    What you can do to try to slim your thighs, is muscle group targeted toning exercises. Leg extensions, leg curls, squats, calf raises, walking, jogging, running. Low weight high rep tones muscles.

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    Diet Recommendation Okay. Cut out consuming in among foods. Only consume healthful meals and minimize on Carb's like bread, potatoes, pasta's, rice, cereals, lollies, culmination and so on. These are the fats making meals. Learn precisely what your meals businesses are so then you realize what places the load off and on. Don't upload salt for your foods. Cut out candy smooth beverages. Then stroll an hour each morning roughly 2 hours after a meal and the identical within the afternoon. If you'll jog in among each classes you can burn much more energy. But do exactly what your frame permits you to do. Walking is simply as well mixed with nutrition manipulate. You will have to lose and hold to lose extra weight as you move. Watch the dimensions readings everyday as you will have to be coming down in weight for your required traditional weight to your top and so on. If you'll reduce out your lunch meal and exchange it with a protein drink rather that could additionally support. Available in supermarkets just like the product referred to as "Slim Right". Or consume two of the ones gigantic thick rice crackers with a healthful unfold on them rather. As lengthy as you'll keep off junk meals and consuming in among foods. If you ought to consume whatever in among have whatever like small uncooked carrots or celery sticks. Herbal teas, low fats milk and water are your excellent alternative of beverages. Summary: Choose a cereal low in sugar for breakfast. Remember all cereals are carbohydrates! Lunch can excellent be a protein drink. Like "Slim Right". And have all average foods at a average serve. Cut down on potatoes and handiest have small quantities of those. Walking up to you'll. Add a few going for walks if you'll. For those who desire to construct extra muscle upload a few fitness center paintings to the above as good. Technical Stuff: All our our bodies require a designated volume of a protein stage. The protein is taken from the meals we consume. If we consume better concentrations of protein from designated meals like say meat then that stage is reached swiftly. If we do not consume adequate protein then our frame searches for different assets of protein contained inside the Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates handiest include a small quantity of protein so we grow to be drinking an excessive amount of of it simply to get out prohibit of protein. At the identical time soaking up an excessive amount of sugar from the carbohydrates and in flip an excessive amount of weight. This is how and why we placed on weight. Many persons over consume considering that they do not eat adequate protein from the proper assets. Then they over compensate through binge consuming carbohydrate variety meals. Always investigate along with your surgeon earlier than happening any weight discount or difference of nutrition software.

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