In pokemon leaf green, which move is better?

okay, so i have a blastoise level 55 that ive had since level 5. im just wonder if the move counter is better than skull bash...thoughts?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't think Blastoise can learn counter.

    I think it would be better off to go with skull bash than counter because it raises your defense too.

    Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red = Generation III(Three) set lists.

    I would not use a tm unless first copying/buying it with a code/glitch.

    Blastoise: EV train it in special attack, then max speed or max/share defenses.

    (Moves to have by leveling up only, first set list).

    - Bite

    - Skull Bash

    - Surf (HM)

    - Rain Dance

    (If you can teach it any tm).

    - Rest (or Some annoying move)

    - Ice Beam

    - Surf (HM)

    - Rain Dance

    If you EV train it in attack than special attack and want Blastoise to be annoying dude, do this set list:

    - Toxic

    - Facade

    - Dive

    - Rest or Protect or Double Team or Attract

  • 9 years ago

    Personally I prefer skull bash, counter will only work IF the opponent does damage to you and how much it does helps determine counters power. Hope this helped ;)

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