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Pranks on my car. What should I do?

There have been some pranks on my car and my brother's car. It started out as innocent. There was some rotten bananas smooshed on my car. Someone put super glue in my brother's car locks. But now someone slashed my brother's tires. We don't know who is doing this and it's costing us money. What should I do about this? I'm afraid they might do something bad to my car. I'm in high school. Should I report this to the school officer? Guidance councelor? What should I do?

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    Go to the school officer with this and see what he can do about it. The guidance counselor can't help you, they aren't really in a position of much power.

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    That is considered vandalism. Someone slashed a bunch of my neighbors tires, and they called the police. The police then searched neighbor's houses for anyone who might have a security camera that would show who did it. They found a tape, and the whole case went on the news. They eventually caught the people.

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