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Please help! ..Is this a rebound relationship?

Me and my boyfriend we're together for a year. I really loved him more than anything and I know he truly loved me too. He told me he's been in love with me for a long time and he said I was perfect for him. He said I was the best thing in his life and he was planning on marrying me in the future. Once I got outta high school, we we're going to move in together. Well as all relationships, we had our ups and downs. It seemed like we we're always fighting, but I tried working on it. It seemed like he just gave up. When he broke up with me, he told me he couldn't do this anymore. As soon as we broke up, he started talking to another girl and I'm pretty sure he's dating her now. My friend said this is a rebound and it won't last if he really loves me, which I know he does. When I found out about the girl, I confronted him about it and he admitted to me, he was kinda talking to her. He told me he really loves me and cares and always will for me but he can't do this right now and he seemed really torn about it. I asked him if he cared about this new girl and he said idk yet, but it's nice to not fight and get into arguments for once. I'm so hurt. I can't eat, I can't sleep, he's on my mind 24/7 and I feel he forgot about me. He's spending alot of time with this new girl too, but he's still inlove with me. What do I do??

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    Start seeing other people. Atleast that wil make him Jealous and he will come back to you is he loves you.

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    You start dating other guys and you move on, High school couples rarely stay together.

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    I hate to say this sweety he doesn't love you like he say action speaks louder than words!

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