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How do you know if you like someone more than a friend?

Well I'm 16 and there's this guy who I'm going out with tomorrow.

I don't know him too well but I want to get to know him better and I'm pretty sure that I like him as a friend because he makes me laugh so so hard, like he's just so so hilarious and I find it quite important that if I like someone then they neeeeeed to be funny xD But I just don't know if I only like him as a friend or if him being so so funny actually makes me attracted to him or not, because if I'm honest he's not like amazing looking, like he's not ugly but he's not good looking really but he just has such a great personality which makes up for it.

So I was wondering if there was any way you could tell?

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    If you like him as more than a friend you will feel something called "chemistry". If you like him as more than a friend, you will know. And if you don't know, that probably means that you do like him as just a friend.

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