What is considered past academic experience?

Writing a college admission essay asking a brief description of my past academic experience. I don't really know what the definition of an academic experience would be so I'll write down a list of accomplishments/events I've done in high school:

-tutored students since I went from Algebra I to Pre-algebra

-Became an officer in JROTC (Military-sponsored program)

-Founded an chapter of an organization based on tutoring kids

-Moved to different states in my graduating years (8th and 12th grade)

-Never had a C or lower

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  • Mariya
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    9 years ago
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    you are mistaking "experience" for "accomplishments". you can include all those things but i think what they want to hear is how you felt, how those things made you grow/mature, what are important life lessons that you have learned, what has inspired to go to college, ya know? How did you feel helping students learn as a tutor? why did you feel inspired to found a tutoring organization? are you motivated to help other people? was it difficult for you to move around and change schools, and how did you overcome those challenges? after you finish college, you hope to use your skills to _____?

    hope that helps get you started? looks like you've had some great experiences - now just try to put into words why those experiences have made you who you are, what you have learned, and how those experiences will make you a valuable contribution to this college, and to the world.

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    Academic Experience Meaning

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  • Brian
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    9 years ago

    Don't mention the C or lower stuff. They know that by looking at your transcript (which is always required by admissions staff).

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    -Roughly how well You Did from Junior High- ON... :)

  • RF
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    9 years ago

    College duh

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