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Would you watch a show like Death race, Saw, and Silent Hill combined?

A show with real prisoners, and real deaths!!!!!

(I think in the future people will be even more desensitized and would like to see people die.)

A group of prisoners on death row compete to be the last one standing trapped in a locked apartment building with scary looking hallways and rooms. Ghostly noises haunt the hallways, and blood sometimes drips down the scratches on the walls.

The price is freedom, just like in the movie. And the families are forced to watch in a locked sound proof room inside the apartment building.

The prisoners can't see daylight, or even outside, for days until only one person is alive.

It's a game of free for all. A game of survival.

Two ways to die is being killed by another prisoner or by a trap.

They will need to eat and drink, so they will have to wonder around for food if they want to survive.

But any room could have a trap or another prisoner waiting to kill them.


Like I said people in the future will be desensitized, so I really doubt anything like this won't be on TV in the future. It may be a really long time from now. But maybe it's in the near future (hopefully I get to see it!!!)

I think it would be better than any reality show we have on TV now.

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    I haven't seen Death Race, but Saw and Silent Hill were awesome. I liked Saw because not only was it gory (not scary, just loads of blood and guts and all), but it also had a plot which made you think, because you had to work out what was going on. Twist were always thrown into the plot.

    Sure, I guess your idea could be great if you wrote it that good. It might be hard to get your readers to like or relate to the narrator or the person you're narrating through in third person. I feel like choosing a minor-crime narrator seems like the easy way around this problem, and so I'm not that intrigued right away. Going for a wrongly convicted character would probably kill the story, because I don't think they'd get many cases wrong in the future. They are pretty good at getting the right offender already with DNA and all. So maybe a guy or a girl who regrets what they have done may work more? I'm not sure. It's up to you.

    It wouldn't be fair at all to lock the families up. What the hell have they done to deserve to watch it? Punish the crime-doer, not the families. Their decisions aren't the decisions of the offender. I don't think people would like to know that innocent people are getting punished. The families probably hate their so and so for doing this to another person, but they are still their family and probably wouldn't want to watch them. So forcing them to watch is extreme.

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    Defiantly, it would seem like a really great tv show. It would be popular in seconds because people love gore, but I doubt that they would ever allow something like that on tv anyway.

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