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Problem with Professor?

I am in my last year in University in Ontario and I want to attend grad school next year. The minimum average to get into the programs to which I am applying is 78, so it is extremely important that I do well in all of my courses.

In my sociology class, participation counts for 30% of my entire grade, this includes class attendance and speaking in class. The class took place two times a week and I have not missed one class. I am a very shy person, however, since the grade was important to me I forced myself to speak almost every class. I did the reading and had valuable things to contribute to class discussion.

Since I knew I would need letters of recommendation I met with my professor in office hours throughout the semester to go over assignments, by the end of the semester he knew me by name and knew I was a good student.

My professor failed to take attendance, and I never saw him take notes of who participated in class. I was slightly worried about this, however I assumed since he knew me personally (from his office hours) he would be aware of my level of participation. During class it was asked how we would know our participation marks and how it was being graded and he just said to not worry about it and it would be posted online. Nonetheless, my problem is, he gave me a 60% in participation. Due to my level of participation, especially in comparison to the rest of the class (other people I spoke to had 70s and 80s and in some cases I felt I participated more) I feel my grade is inaccurate, or a mistake.

Since he no longer has office hours (and had previously only met with me through making an appointment through email) I emailed him two weeks ago, politely asking for clarification, however he did not respond. Last week (after exams had finished and people had gone home for christmas), he emailed the entire class informing the class we could pick up our papers from the sociology department (from someone who worked there, and not even him himself). My point is, since he emailed us, I assumed he had access to his email, so I emailed him for the second time 2 days ago asking if I could get some feedback on my participation and I still haven’t received a response.

I don’t want to make a huge deal out of this, however my professor refuses to respond. I have never made a formal complaint before, however my grade dropped from an 80 to a 74 just because of participation. This and it severely hurts my chances of getting into school and does not at all reflect the work I put into this course. Is this worth contacting a higher authority? and who should I go to?

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    This is a serious problem because your grade is 74 but you need 78 average to get into graduate school. What's worse is that you deserve a higher grade because you actually participated well. Not only did you participate well, which i give you more than 100% for because you are shy and it would have been hard, but you even took the extra time to talk in person with your professor outside of class.

    Yes, this is worth contacting a higher authority for. In certain cases, it may be possible for the university to CHANGE the grade (up or down) based upon a review. Don't speak to someone lower. Talk to someone higher. You could talk to the student council or careers advisor or other appropriate person to find out who the right person to talk about it is -- you need someone in authority, higher than the professor, who has the power to intervene or at the very least, talk to the silly professor! Once the professor understands (that he made a mistake / that this is an important issue), it's likely he will amend the grade. without any "formal" complaint needing to be made!

    Most importantly, make sure you still retain a good relationship with the professor.

    No student's grade should go down due to the incompetence of one professor or his innocent mistake.

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    Do you have a personal tutor/advisor? Discuss it with them and they will advise you about whether this is an issue that you should pursue. If it is, there will be an appeals procedure and they can also advise you about that.

    Be clear in your own thinking about this. It probably is not worth the hassle if you are reacting to wounded pride but will be worth doing if it will seriously hamper your plans for your future career.

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    you are able to have an threat on the tip of the semester to fill out an nameless questionnaire for the college (maximum faculties try this...) yet contained in the recommend time, he might desire to make himself greater attainable to you. Is he going returned to his place of work while he leaves? i think of that he somewhat might desire to draw close around for somewhat longer extremely after he lectures. Is every person else having an analogous situation as you're? i think of you are able to accurately pass communicate this with somebody on the better end - perchance they'll admire your privateness and allow the instructor comprehend that scholars are certainly inquiring for that he be contained in the college room greater. perchance he's making an attempt to get all the scholars to kindof artwork jointly to determine issues out? stable success

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