Confused with life, any advice?

I recently broke up with the father of my child of 4 years. My cousin and I are splitting the bills. I live about an hour and a half away from everything I know where I used to live.

I've been seeing a guy for about 4 months but we aren't exclusive. He stopped returning my calls for about 3 weeks and I found out it was bc he had gone to jail. He texted me sweetly using terms of endearment at first but now its been about a week and he hasn't returned my calls or txts again.

I'm really lonely here since my cousin is working and in school a lot. I don't know anyone else here.

I feel like I'm trying to find security in people, such as the guy I've been seeing.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Go out and make some friends. Try to find some time to get out and live life. Leave the past behind you and make a bright future for yourself. Be careful staying with a guy in jail, he could be trouble.... Go for a good guy who won't get arrested and will treat you and your child with respect :) Good luck! Life does get better!

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