Is it okay to have a baby shower for my third child?

I had a baby shower for my first born daughter who is now 7. Me and her father are no longer together and I am with someone else. We got pregnant and had a baby shower for our daughter who is now 20 months. I just found out that I am pregnant again, about 2 months along and hoping for a boy as this will be our last child :) Is it okay to have another baby shower no matter what the sex is? I feel its a way to celebrate the baby and find it not so fair that the other children got a baby shower and special gifts/keepsakes from close family and friends. Any suggestions?

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  • 9 years ago
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    its definitely ok. if you dont feel right having them buy a ton of stuff for this one then ask them not to. but i agree, its a way of celebrating a new life. its not about the gifts you get.

  • 9 years ago

    It's ok to have a celebration of a new life. It's not ok to expect too much in the way of gifts. Personally, I've gotten a bunch of these special gifts from special people outside of the shower - most people who are important will do this without a party to make them do it.

    I would recommend not calling it a shower but a celebration of new life - maybe even waiting until the baby is here so people don't get offended. Don't expect the gifts that you'd get at a shower for a first baby, but by all means celebrate!

  • 9 years ago

    To be honest, if you had a shower less than 2 years ago then I would skip it. My friend had a baby shower and it was huge, she got everything under the sun and then some. She got pregnant a year later and had another shower. Three people showed up. (and I wasn't one of them) I just feel it's tacky to keep throwing showers and expecting gifts, especially if you already have stuff. If you want to celebrate then wait until the baby is born then have a "meet and greet" party. If your guest want to bring a gift then it's not like you're asking for something. Just my opinion.

  • Kara N
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    9 years ago

    I am kind of torn on the whole baby shower thing. With my first baby my family threw a baby shower for me but with my second girl we didn't. I had kept all the clothes from Lilly so I didn't see the point in having another one and making people buy me more stuff. If I would have had a boy I think I would have had another one though since I pretty much couldn't reuse anything.

    Keepsakes can be given to a child regardless of having a baby shower or not.

    I dunno...I think it is kind of weird to just keep throwing baby showers every time some one gets knocked up. "Hey I'm having ANOTHER baby, buy me MORE STUFF!" But...I just don't know o.0

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  • sturms
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    4 years ago

    I purely have heard of having a toddler bathe for the first and on your situation it really is sensible that you had the bathe on your 2d. As for having one on your 0.33 easily i don't think of it really is critical, you've already got ninety 5%-ninety 9% of the products you want. sure, you're likely going to wish this new child to have its personal going living house outfit, or if you're having a boy and had 2 women until eventually now, you'd be desiring some new outfits, yet keep in options maximum of your family individuals and acquaintances will likely furnish you with a present once the toddler is born.

  • 9 years ago

    OFCOURSE! In my opinion i think a baby shower is about celebrating the miracle of having another child. Maybe you should request that your guests buy gifts that are for boys and girls, if they want to give. Go ahead and have a baby shower, have some fun, this is your last baby afterall. So let's raise our sippy cups and PARTY!!! jk! Good luck, and i hope you give birth to beautiful healthy baby!! :-]

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