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DSL doesn't work on one phone line, but does on 2 others?

Right so just got a desktop in my room. I have a phone line in there which I always thought didn't work yet I tried it out and it does.

Basically, it runs downstairs, but the end is dodgy and makes a fuzzing sound when plugged in and also only has 2 phone line inputs, so that is plugged into a filter.with the phone line on top. Which all works fine with the phone. (This is the end that goes downstairs in the living room)

I then tested a phone upstairs and it worked fine. So I brought up my NETGEAR router and plugged it in. It just doesn't send the DSL to the router. I have tried with a filter, without a filter, multiple wires and no change. The DSL works on the downstairs living room and in the kitchen, but just not up here.

Other than a wiring problem, is there any other reason why this isn't working?

I'd really appreciate help.

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    Yes, there's a number of reasons.

    First, try turning everything off and turning it back on.

    Plug in your router. Might work now (if so, 'tis the little gremlins of computer equipment).

    Second, try calling your DSL provider and get advice.

    Why? I had to rewire a phone when I moved into a place. It turned out to be pretty simple. As in, unscrew the plate and look at color wires and compare with how it is supposed to look.

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