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R&P: Alright, what is your favorite POP song? Is there a cover you like of it?

My all time favorite pop song would be The Sign by Ace of Base.

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I really don't normally listen to pop, at all. But I love this song.

MQ2: Is there a cover of that song that you like?

ReinXeed - The Sign -

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MQ3: What Genre is the cover?

Symphonic - Power metal.

BQ: Now playing? (Rock & Roll - Led Zeppelin)

BQ2: Any plans for the rest of your day?

BQ3: You probably thought I ran out of Bonus Questions?

Nope! Chuck Tes.... oh wait, yeah you're right.

Bye! Have a good rest of your day!

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    I'll edit late bro gotta go now but heck you made my day!!! =D

    What about another cool Swedish band? ABBA doesn't get mentioned AT ALL sadly... Anyway song is "Summer Night City" ~

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    BQ: Therion - Summernight City

    Love it!!! Therion is incredible.

    BQ2: Symphonic Metal

    BQ3: alright I'll make one myself ~ What's your favourite song by the band you posted?

    Therion - Birth of Venus Illegitima

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    Source(s): Metal fan who loves Ace of Base... who *are* these Swedes? I swear they're an extraterrestrial species ;P
  • Kaya
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    Hey Ya - Outkast (yeah yeah they're a hip-hop group but it's a pretty pop-ish song)

    MA2: Yup :)

    MA3: Not sure what genre this would be but it's a marimba cover I do with my marimba band. It's pretty serious sh1t folks.

    BA: Billy Joel - Leningrad

    BA2: It's 11:12 PM and I plan to install some custom content for a videogame but it's taking hours.

    BA3: Haha yeah pretty much

    You too!

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    The Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back"

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    MQ2: Graham Parker

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    MQ3: I have no idea.

    BQ: I'm watching Frasier

    BQ2: I have run a few errands. Nothing too exciting, though.

  • moyle
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    handle Me by using MXPX I Fought the regulation by using The lifeless Kennedys Stepping Stone by using Minor danger Monster Mash by using The Misfits driving the fourth wave by using seize 22 "replaced into pop for the indian way of life"(feathers no longer dots) =) outstanding question

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  • Opiner
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    Erotic City- Prince

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    MA2- no

    BA- ^^

    BA2- newp, SOS as always

    BA3- for a minute there, yeah..I kinda thought you did.

    You too :)

  • 9 years ago

    human nature by michael jackson

    BQ: While my guitar gently weeps by the beatles

    George's best song, and claptons guitar playing in is amazing.

    BQ2:not really my life is boring as sh*t.

    BQ3:cool story

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