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Asking again, if I have a 28 day cycle...when did I ovulate?

My period started Dec 4th, I had sex on the 16th and 17th but he pulled out on the 17th then again early this morning around 2am, did I miss my window?


I want a baby, we're ttc

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    Most women ovulate between days 11-14 of their cycle. The 16th and 17th would have been days 12 and 13 so there is a good possibility. But even having sex during ovulation only gives a 25% chance each month of getting pregnant so best of luck!

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    If by potential of sometime then definite, the 28 day cycle isn't what each lady ought to have. it is in simple terms an popular, some women folk could have a 30 or 31 day cycle, some could have 25 day cycles. to respond to your question, ovulation occurs interior the process the cycle so yeah it would maximum possibly ensue on your thirteenth day

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    I got pregnant with my last child when I was on my period, AND he withdrew.

    I'm sure of this, as it was the only night that month we spent together.

    Time of the month/ovulation is no guarantee, as some people's sperm lasts in the body for a long time.

    Withdrawing is no guarantee (there is a 3 year old upstairs who is living proof of this) Before men ejaculate, they may emit a tiny amount of sperm. It only take one remember.

    Get a test. And in future, don't take ANY chances. Use contraception if you don't want a baby. Or don't have sex at all (I was lucky, I actually didnt mind that I was pregnant again - albeit a little earlier than planned!)

    Source(s): Several pregnancies, with various outcomes.
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