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does a ban get lifted over a period of time ?

i just got banned from a subway in brampton, ontario. i would like to know if this ban gets lifted over a period of time or if its a permanent ban . please reply to this as soon as possible. thanks !


yeah , its subway the restaurant!

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    That is up to the place you have been banned from. They can lift it after a year, or they can ban you for life. Until they tell you otherwise, consider yourself banned.

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    "Subway" as in the restaurant, or "subway" as in the train?

    Either way, it's completely up to them to decide this. If you call and make an appointment to talk to the manager (DO NOT just go in asking for the manager - you're banned and not allowed there), show remorse and beg for you to be allowed back in. Might work, might not.

  • At Law
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    Who banned you? If the restaurant, then as long as they feel like it. You don't have to let random people in your house, ever, do you?

    If it's a court ruling, probably has a limit.

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    You have to call to find out.

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    It is forever unless they told you otherwise

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