Please help with biology?

1) The primary mechanism for converting atmospheric nitrogen into usable forms for life on earth is achieved by

animals breathing atmospheric nitrogen and converting it into usable forms through respiration

bacteria that convert the unusable nitrogen into useable forms

fungi that are able to grow in dark conditions by utilizing nitrogen as an energy source

plants that convert the nitrogen through the biochemical process of photosynthesis

2)Which of the following environmental parameters would be important to monitor in order to ensure sustainable logging?


The number of trees cut down versus number of trees burned

The number of new trees planted to replace those removed

The number of trees removed within a single species

The number of trees needed to increase soil fertilization

3) If the temperature of our oceans continues to rise, what possible long-term effect will this have on marine organisms?


The overall temperature of the oceans will increase as will the distribution of marine life.

The salinity and available oxygen of the oceans will increase and thus reduce the marine life diversity.

The amount of nutrient-rich cold water rising to the surface will increase and thus endanger marine life diversity.

The geographic range of phytoplankton will be reduced and thus shrink the base of the marine food chain.

4)How would spraying a yard with chemical pesticides to control insects be most likely to affect the diversity of insects found in it?


There would be fewer harmful insects and more beneficial insects in the yard.

There would be fewer species of insects and fewer insects in general in the yard.

There would be more harmful insects and fewer beneficial insects in the yard.

There would be more species of insects but fewer insects in general in the yard

5) What happens to the carrying capacity for insectivorous birds in winter in a northern New York forest?


It drops quickly to zero once the temperature goes below freezing.

It fluctuates slightly above and below the optimum level as birds are born and die.

It increases rapidly as birds migrate south for the winter.

It stays constant since carrying capacity is a fixed value that does not change.

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    1) B (Only bacteria can do this normally, that's why the Haber process to produce fertilizer were such a big deal)

    2) B

    3) I would guess A

    4) B (pesticides kill most insects, but those that remain are resistant which could cause problems later)

    5) A (That's why bird migrate)

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